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(!) POSTPONED - UEA Aurora World Speech Workshop

Del 15 al 17 de febrero de 2023

University of East Anglia (United Kingdom)

(!) POSTPONED - Further details will follow shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

UEA has been organizing successful speech competitions for over 5 years,  to celebrate the global happening World Speech Day.
World Speech Day is happening on the 15th of March 2023 and on this day people, in over 130 countries worldwide, are organising events to give unexpected voices a platform to share their ideas for a better world.

UEA would like to invite up to 5 students from each Aurora university to learn how to:
1.    Make a powerful speech and 
2.    Organise a successful World Speech Day event

  • Date: Monday 15th to 17th Feb 2023 (3 days)
  • Place: University of East Anglia
  • Number: Up to 5 students per university - staff may attend the workshop separately
  • Language: workshop will be conducted in English
  • The registration process for URV students: the URV Aurora Office will select the 5 URV candidates. Interested students should send an email to: aurora(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat by January 23 including the following information: 1) a brief motivational letter (250 words approx.); 2) a certificate stating their English level (the minimum level required is a B2); 3) a copy of their academic records. Our office will communicate the short-listed candidates on January 27 and send the final list to UEA by February 1.
  • Selected URV candidates can apply to an Aurora Mobility short-term grant after their selection. 

On Wednesday the 15th of February we will kickstart a series of training sessions with an energising talk from the well-known author and speech writer Simon Lancaster. His TED talk 'How to speak like a leader', streamed via You Tube, has over 4 million views! In his latest book 'Connect' . He explains that the secret of brilliant communication is all down to making connections, connecting the personal to the universal, the past to the present, and the mundane to the meaningful; thereby bypassing logic and immediately accessing people's deepest instincts and emotions. He will inspire and energise you in his 'Communicate to Connect talk'.  
His talk will be followed by a workshop in which you will learn the tools and techniques of writing a powerful speech, and top tips on how to confidently present your speech, this in collaboration with UEA students from different disciplines, politics, environmental sciences, business. 
On Thursday you will be set the challenge to practice in small groups and meet with our World Speech Day events team to give you the project management plan for organising an (World) Speech day event at your University.
On Friday all participants are invited to present their short speech, and for this to be possibly professionally recorded. 
Public speaking is an essential skill and young voice need to be heard in these challenging times. 
The decisions being made today by politicians are YOUR future! 
Make your voices heard and learn how to 'Dare to Speak up' about matters important to you! 



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