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Workshop: The key features of the MSCA-PF call and good practices when writing your proposal


The goals of this session are to walk the participants through the key information and sections of the call and orient them on how to manage an effective and successful fellowship proposal writing project for the upcoming MSCA-PF call.

First, we will introduce participants to the objectives of the MSCA-PF fellowships, eligibility criteria, types of fellowship, and the steps for optimising their fellowship proposal process. We will then orient the participants on how to develop their scientific idea.

Finally, we will explore how to approach the key sections of the proposal, how to address the most important aspects that will be evaluated in each section of the proposal and will discuss good practices for writing a competitive proposal.

Topics for this workshop:
· Objectives of the MSCA-PF call
· Managing the writing process
· Developing your scientific idea: Insights for effective scientific communication
· Structure of the proposal: criteria (excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of the implementation)· What is going to be evaluated under each criterion?
· How to approach key sections: impact, risk & contingencies, work plan
· Tips for good practices when writing your proposal

Training Methods
This training workshop is highly interactive with some elements of partner work, exercises and discussion, and a special emphasis on sharing and learning from participants' own expertise and experience. To increase impact and applicability, we work with real-life cases from the participants whenever possible.


10.00 h - Institutional welcome

10.10 h - The key features of the MSCA-PF call & good practices when writing your proposal by Dr. Gavin Lucas and Dr. Marc Font at ThePaperMill

12.00 h - Coffee Break

12.10 h - Expert evaluator, Pasquale Maffia at the University of Glasgow (UK) and University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

12.25 h - Success stories

12.50 h - Questions & Answers (open to all participants)

13.10 h - ClosingLanguage: English


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