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Call for Incentive Research Collaboration

Del 19 de febrer al 30 d'abril de 2024

To foster tangible scientific and academic collaboration, this call aims to promote cooperation between researchers, and create new or consolidate existing scientific relationships. Its vision is to build robust scientific communities among the Aurora universities and raise awareness about Aurora on a broader academic level.

This call will be repeated on an annual basis for at least four years and supports three key actions:

Incentive and Collaborative Research Projects

This action supports concrete exploratory research activities by research teams with single or multiple disciplines that put forward the complementarity of competences and approaches.

Thematic Summer Schools

This action supports the organisation of thematic summer schools focused on disciplinary training for early-stage researchers and serves as opportunities for career development, knowledge sharing, and network/community-building.

Short-term Research Secondments for Early-stage Researchers

This action supports short-term mobility in a research laboratory or unit of an Aurora 2030 full-member university.

Once the Selection Committee decides to grant your secondment (maximum x2 secondments per institution per year), you will be eligable to apply for mobility funding at your home institution. The URV will finance your stay by supplementing the Erasmus+ mobility grant with Aurora funds. 

The information regarding the URV mobility grant will be published if a URV member is granted with a secondment stay.

The amount of the Erasmus+ grant may vary depending on the country of destination (see table below).

[IMPORTANT] In case you are an academic, please take into consideration that although the stay may be up to 90 days maximum, you can only receive funding up to 60 days, according to Erasmus+ regulations.

URV Aurora Mobility Funds 2023-24:

Country Travel Grant URV Academics (max. 60 days) Student (min. 2 months, max. 3 months) 
Iceland and Denmark 395 € 1.150 € 1.200 €/month
Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Italy  309 € 1.150 € 1.200 €/month
Czech Republic 309 € 1.075 € 1.150 €/month
    Plus two travel days 120€/day  Plus two travell days 16,7 €/day 

*Please note that these amounts may vary from one year to another depending on possible variations in the Erasmus+ regulations.

  • Submission Process

To submit a proposal for the three key actions, please read the Call for Incentive Research Collaboration and fill out the respective forms listed below:

Once completed, please e-mail the application to aurora(ELIMINAR)@u-pec.fr with the subject: Submission to Aurora Research 2024 Call_(Name of Principal Investigator)_(University of Principal Investigator). File name: Proposal KA (1,2, or 3)_Name (Principal Investigator)-University (of Principal Investigator)_(project acronym).

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 12 p.m. (CET) on April 30, 2024.



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